Necklace Bleu des Caraïbes – Collection Les Pétales


Ceramist, Jewel creator

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Necklace Bleu des Caraïbes – Collection Les Pétales,  unique piece Ceramic art jewel by Florence Lemiegre, 2017. 

Raku, black grogged clay, smoking and enamelled with paintbrush, glass beads pearls, semi-rigid steel wire.

Clays, pearls… the jewels created by Florence Lemiegre, artist sculptress ceramist, are subtil melange of matters, colours & skill.

Primers made of stainless steel.

Enamel is a very solid material, though you should take care of your jewel and not let it fall.

Dimensions : perle Pétale Ø 6 cm. 

Length : 56 cm.

Weight : 0,030 kg.