Fabio Ciancaglini

After Architecture studies, Fabio Ciancaglini attended the courses of the Turin Academy of Fine Arts (Italy) dedicating himself to painting and engraving.

Ceramic provided a new expression medium, effective and versatile, following at first, advice from experts in ceramics like Sara Bazzano and Elisabetta Vacca, he then did an internship at La Borne with Françoise Blain.

His personal research, especially on ash-based enamels, led him to exhibit at the Alliages de Lille gallery (Du bol, 2016), at the Dima Design gallery in Milan (La stanza del The, 2016) at the Fiera Internazionale della Ceramica of Florence and Paratissima XII Turin where he won the Prize for Design. Member of the Arte della Ceramica Association of Florence.

He realizes his own enamels, his interest in Oriental art led him to prefer initially simple shapes, functional, in which we find fulfillment and character in the essentiality of the design. His research on enamels and more worked surfaces now leads him to less utilitarian objects more detached from their primary functions.

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