Ghislaine Pommier

I discovered earth 17 years ago, out of curiosity and also by need. A follower of floral art, my creations seemed limited, for lack of appropriate containers, pushing me to search for new forms, new objects to highlight my bouquets. Ceramic Pottery appeared to be the best medium to satisfy my creativity.

In 2006, the practice of the earth took a major turn with the meeting of a new animator, who plunged me into an unknown universe for me, the RAKU.

It was a revelation, and my hobby quickly became a passion. A year later, an internship at the Ceramiste Catherine Martin gave me the apprenticeship and assurance of the fire I was missing... For the past 5 years, I have been practicing this art without constraints, with the acquisition of a RAKU kiln.

A lot of reading, experiments, meetings, and a lot of failiures helped me build my technique. Today, I work a very colored RAKU based on engobes, and colorants or colored enamels, or bare, raw, RAKU ..., a variant without enamel.

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