Pepper Clay

Pepper Clay is the essential encounter of earthen gesture.

Creator of Pepper Clay, Sophie Lepoivre is attracted by the simplicity of the raw material. She respects its sobriety and appreciates its fragility before its transformation. Cultivating breathing and interiority, she first works the shapes, including the cylinder and the sphere.

Her research drives her towards objects that have both an history and a soul, inspired from the japanese concept wabi-sabi.
Her work on temporality, through imperfection -- subtle deformation or crack --, marks the contrast between raw earth and refined material which Pepper Clay produces.

After having managed teams in parisien advertising companies, Sophie Lepoivre now directs her curiosity hand hands around her ceramic creations.
Using turning technique, even for sculptural objects, she works on the most natural material available, using traditional techniques with an inspired vision..