Fany G

Portrait de Fany G

These birds are series limited to approximately 120 copies.
They are sold without support, you can stick them
on an steel reinforcement bar or a bamboo for example
(a hole is planned for that purpose).

Original modelling of the bird

Then casting of the Swindle mold in 2 shells ;
Opening of the mold in the water ;
Emptying and complete drying of 2 parts ;
Swindle of the ground in 2 hollows ;
Collage with barbotine by closing ;
Demolding the part by stripping ;
Polishing and smoothing of the "sewing" ;
Drilling of eyes and basis ;
Signature with the seal of the artist ;
Drying and finish (firing in 980°C) ;
Enamelling with a brush by following the benchmark model.


Firing in a gas kiln (Raku).
Ramp up in temperature between 900 and 1000°C ;
Exit of the hot kiln (craquelage some enamel because of the thermal shock) ;
Fumigation in wooden shavings (the not enamelled parts darken of carbon monoxide) ;
Fast cooling in the water and cleaning.

Attention: keep the bird shielded from the frost.
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